January 22nd, 2018

How Private Investigators Assist Attorneys

Few, if any, successful attorneys have the time to conduct investigative activities. A thorough investigation must be conducted and can entail activities that require time-consuming work. All potential witnesses must be interviewed and new potential witnesses developed. Without a thorough independent investigation evidence, information and witnesses that support the client may never be revealed. In addition to standard investigative activities, the investigator can review discovery documents to develop leads, evaluate prospective jurors, serve legal papers, and provide support and feedback during trial.

Investigators are often more experienced in conducting interviews than attorneys. They can also go into geographical areas the attorney may not wish to go. In many cases they can better relate to witnesses of varying backgrounds, social levels and ethnic origins.

The use of an investigator by an attorney provides an image of a well-staffed, professional team. Many qualified, licensed investigators are available with a primary objective of providing investigative services to attorneys.

In providing services to attorneys, investigators can:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Obtain facts omitted from police reports
  • Determine the quality of witnesses
  • Interview professional sources
  • Interview law enforcement officers, coroners, etc.
  • Conduct in-person searches of public records
  • Serve subpoenas and other legal papers
  • Locate people and property
  • Conduct surveillances
  • Assist in jury selection
  • Provide different emphasis and utilize different techniques than LE
  • Aid in locating expert witnesses
  • Conduct online searches
  • Provide photographic/video support
  • Review discovery documents
  • Provide additional insight
  • Generate investigative leads
  • Cover material attorney hasn't time to review
  • Provide feedback and assistance during trial
  • Observe jurors and witnesses
  • Help evaluate presentations
  • Run errands, serve papers, schedule witnesses, etc.
  • Provide additional contact with clients
  • Provide any other support necessary

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