January 22nd, 2018

Services, Billing Policies, & Related Charges

Following are Northwest Investigation & Consultings ("NWIC") billing policies for professional and administrative services at all locations. These Policies supersede all existing policies for the billing of our services. This document does not address scope of service, which is dealt with by letter of engagement.

Fee Arrangements for Professional and Administrative Charges

Most of NWIC rates and procedures are specific to the claim-related activities being handled for each client. Generally, a client's specific fee arrangements for charges are negotiated and agreed to prior to the handling of any assignment. An arrangement may include scale rates, flat rates, scheduled rates, fixed time charges on limited assignments, fixed fees for certain administrative tasks and agreed upon hourly or daily rates which may vary from the scheduled rate. Our fees will be billed at the applicable NWIC hourly rate and no later than 30 days after receipt of assignment. We interim bill every consecutive 30 days, unless other arrangements are agreed to, previous to assignment. Please contact us directly for current rates and fees.

Multiple Files

When one of our staff is traveling in connection with a file, his or her work on another unrelated file should not be billed in addition to the travel or waiting time on the first file without client agreement. Where travel is incurred on more than one file, the time shall be prorated among files. Mileage traveled would be dealt with in the same manner.

Notification to Client

For all assignments, an acknowledgement letter or communication will be sent to the client within 24 hours. If an acknowledge letter is not desired by the client, a written letter, faxed or mailed to NWIC stating this, will suffice for termination of the action and a notation will be made on the client specific account.

Rate changes

Rates for fees and disbursements are subject to annual review and may change at any time. If the rates change, the revised rate will generally apply to our chargeable work product from the date of the change. Please contact us directly for our competitive rates and fees.

Budgets & Estimates

Where practical, we will offer an estimate / budget to our clients regarding likely fees and expenses for an assignment. The final costs could differ from that estimate if there are unforeseen situations or our role changes. We will however, do our best to keep our clients appraised as to changes in our fee estimate.

Sales Tax

Local State and Federal taxes will be billed as applicable. All fee rates quoted will be less applicable taxes.


Out of pocket expenses are invoiced at cost without markup.

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